So there s a flash on the way.

2009-08-02 05:14:09 by RickyBrown

Rainbow rider and I are a great team

check out our hard work. My voice acting took about two or three days and his animating... well... yeeeaaahh. Let's just say he gets all the cash if any from rev sharing. 6

But I will say that I am not the funniest man alive...
Edmund (bluebaby) Mcmillin is the funniest man alive.. st/311089


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2009-08-02 21:27:29

Dud I don't know if this'll have rev sharing it sounds complicated.

But if it does I'll double whatever % you want. I really don't care about the money.

Nah I'm kidding if you want more than 2% I'm never working with you again

This is going to be awesome once we get on a roll man you have so many funny ideas!

RickyBrown responds:

we seriously wont even make more than $5