i'm basically being a asshole/demo reel

2009-05-31 21:11:21 by RickyBrown

i already posted about this but i made a demo reel for my voice acting and an animation.

pleas check them out and leave reviews.

also i am starting a few projects with this guy-
http://rainbowrideralpha.newgrounds.co m/news/post/317681

he's very funny and smart so SHUT THE FUCK UP!

peace and love


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2009-06-01 16:41:05

Hey do you think I should give the 40 year old surgen a bowl cut?

I was thinking of taking away the glasses and adding a bowl cut.

RickyBrown responds:

hahaha!!! A BOWL CUT! I want to add that to the audio! Maybe for an easter egg!

HEY CAN YOU MAKE BUTTONS??? I had a great Easter eggg Idea!!!


2009-06-09 11:12:05

well thats good i think. they just need to remake the game and stop being lazy . they would make a shit load of money if they remade it. that was the only thing wrong with ff7 was graphics and if they remade it with great graphics the game would be even greater.


2009-06-09 13:09:57

www.gamefaqs.com and vorte for ff7 you might need and acocunt idk


2009-06-09 15:24:14

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 068509


Are you going to give it a shot?


2009-06-18 04:30:30

You never told me Kid Rock was your role-model!